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Dmitri Demiglaski
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Dmitri Demiglaski was a Russian revolutionary, seeking asylum in London. His identity was attributed to many by Sherlock Holmes during the investigation of Kazuma Asōgi's "murder". He eventually appeared as a juror during the trial of Gina Lestrade.


Once, when Demiglaski was climbing a mountain in an blizzard at absolute zero, he was attacked by a sniper. Although the bullet missed him, it hit ice that landed on Demiglaski wounded him badly.

False SuspectEdit

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When he first appeared in a newspaper, Sherlock Holmes deduces that Grimesby Roylott was Dmitri Demiglaski and that he kidnapped the ballerina, Nikomina Borschevic. But Roylott actually turned out to be Borschevic herself who ran away from her ballet group.

Jury dutyEdit

Main article: The Adventure of the Unspeakable Story

Demiglaski appears in person as the sixth juror in the trial of Gina Lestrade. He claims he's just a tourist off to see the Crystal Tower and not a Russian revolutionary. When he referred to his incident from the mountain, Ryūnosuke Naruhodō realized that Holmes was actually wounded a very similar way.


Not much is known about Dmitri Demiglaski, but he is known to be a revolutionary. He is an expert on fire arms. He does not tolerate lies as intially liked the Tinpillar brothers until it was revealed that they lied.


  • His surname comes from demi-glace, a type of sauce.
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