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Seance Screenshot
Rayfa Padma Khura'in
O Holy Mother! We hold this Divination Séance in your name! Let the eyes of everyone here be clear, and our ears be unstopped! O Dance of Devotion! Guide the victim's soul to me! So that we may receive their final memories in the Pool of Souls!
Before performing the Divination Séance

The Divination Séance is a gameplay mechanic in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice. A key function of Khura'in's court system, and maintained by royal priestess Rayfa Padma Khura'in, the Divination Séance is the process of calling upon the spirit of a murder victim to witness their final moments through their eyes.


The Divination Séance is conducted in the High Court of Khura'in during trials. The process, which involves a special dance done by the royal priestess called the Dance of Devotion, conjures a vision from the "Pool of Souls", located on the floor of the High Court, surrounded by the lawyers' benches, the witness stand, and the judge's seat. Not only does the vision reveal what a spirit saw, but it also shows what they felt, heard, smelled, and tasted at the time. The royal priestess then interprets the vision in a series of statements called an Insight.

Although the visions are infallible, they are limited by the perspective of the deceased and the extremely limited scope of time the Séance captures, something Rayfa was not initially aware of. The player can point out contradictions between details within the vision and the Insight, similar to presenting evidence during cross examinations. To do this, the vision can be manipulated like a video, with the ability to pause at or jump to a specific time. The player then must pinpoint the victim's sensation in question from the vision, as well as the claim in the Insight that contains a contradiction. Following this, Rayfa will then revise her Insight to reflect the newly revealed information, sometimes prompting the victim's spirit to focus on the sensation to further refine it. This often leads to other contradictions surfacing which can then be pointed out. The process is thus repeated until the truth behind the victim's vision has been explained.

Similar to spirit channelling, the Séance is an ability only the royal family of Khura'in can perform, although it apparently requires less ability than channelling. The process also requires knowledge of both the victim's face and full name in order for the medium to conduct, and can fail if the medium lacks the focus or stamina to carry it out, even if she is already capable.


The Foreign TurnaboutEdit

In Spirit of Justice, the Divination Sèance was first used to convict Ahlbi Ur'gaid, with the child about to be handed down the verdict as per normal in the High Court of Khura'in, until Phoenix Wright successfully poked holes in the Sèance and Rayfa's insights, citing that the order in which events transpired, specifically relating to when the victims' vision goes dark, which lead to the the true killer to be convicted.

The Rite of TurnaboutEdit

In the Rite of Turnabout, the Séance is used again, this time on Tahrust Inmee, and the Sèance, just as last time, pointed to Maya Fey being the killer, until Wright again poked holes in Rayfa's insights, specifically about a lantern found when Inmee turns. Later on the second day of the trial, Rayfa brings Rheel Neh'mu's vision about, showing the death of him accidentally caused by Beh'leeb Inmee, this leads to Fey getting a not guilty verdict.

Turnabout Revolution Edit

In Turnabout Revolution, the Séance is first used on the victim, Inga Karkhuul Khura'in, to determine that the time of death was not as what had been previous assumed, and that he had difficulty recognising peoples' faces. These developments allow Apollo Justice to make Amara Sigatar Khura'in a suspect in his murder.

Later, it is used on Apollo Justice's biological father, Jove Justice, to ascertain who had attempted to assassinate the previous queen of Khura'in, Amara, in an attempt to indict Queen Ga'ran for the murder.

People who the Seance has been performed onEdit

Names in other languagesEdit

  • In the Japanese version of the game, the Divination Séance is referred to as the "oracle of spirits" (御霊の託宣, "mitama no takusen"), while the gameplay mechanic is known as "Spirit Medium Vision" (霊媒ビジョン).


  • The words that appear during a Divination Séance have a different color depending on which of the five senses is associated with the sensation in question: blue for sight, green for hearing, red for touch, yellow for smell, and orange for taste. Only one instance of a sensation perceived by taste occurs in the entirety of Spirit of Justice.
  • Among the ideas for the Divination Séance that were scrapped during development of Spirit of Justice were a puppet that would be possessed by the spirit of the victim, and smoke from incense burners that would create a reenactment of the victim's last moments similarly to a shadow play.[1]

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