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Delicy Scone is a pharmacist who was one of the competitors in the confectionery contest hosted by famous television chef Issei Tenkai in 2000. Although Scone claimed to be a chef from England, she was actually an employee of the Tenkai Group sent to retrieve the "Angel's Recipe", a book of experimental pharmaceutical drug recipes in Tenkai's possession. Her exact age is unknown, but she is apparently far older than she appears, even treating Tyrell Badd as younger in comparison.

Undercover "chef"Edit

Main article: IS-7 Incident

When Tenkai inherited the Angel's Recipe from his father, he decided to host a confectionery contest with the book as the prize. The Tenkai Group disapproved of this and sent Scone as an entrant in the contest. With the help of Tsukasa Oyashiki, she managed to make it to the finals, albeit by cheating; her elaborate sweets were only cream decorations on top of models. Because she was not actually a dessert chef, Scone left the room containing her finals entry, a cream castle, at room temperature, causing the cream to begin to melt. Tenkai discovered that Scone was using inedible props, and confiscated two rock salt lamps and put them in his room.

Later, Scone went outside with Tenkai and Oyashiki for tea, while the other contestants, Yutaka Kazami and Isaku Hyōdō, stayed to finish their entries. At some point before the judging, however, Scone sneaked into each contestant's room and, seeing that no one was in any of them, her sweet tooth caused her to steal a few bites from each of them. Hyōdō's entry was a collection of frozen sherbet sculptures modeled after the signs of the zodiac. Scone tried the strings from the lyre on the Gemini sculpture, only to find that they tasted salty. She also discovered the letters "PH" engraved in the sculptures. At some point upon returning to her own room, Scone also discovered that one of the five fluorescent cloths that she had used as props had disappeared.

Oyashiki later heard a crash in Tenkai's room, and found Hyōdō dead inside a chocolate treasure chest, which was part of the chocolate sailing ship display that was Tenkai's entry. The rock salt lamps were found inside Scone's cream castle, and one of them was stained with the victim's blood. Tenkai was arrested for murder, and Gregory Edgeworth took on his defense. Edgeworth was able to investigate both Tenkai's and Scone's respective rooms, and was able to figure out that the body had been covered with the missing cloth. It also turned out that Scone's snacking had weakened a support on the ship, causing it to crash onto the treasure chest, exposing the body.

Prosecutor Manfred von Karma claimed that the body had been taken into police custody, but Edgeworth discovered that it had in reality gone missing. However, he could not prove this in court, and so lost the trial, which lasted a year. Tenkai was convicted of being an accomplice to the crime, with the case being designated as the IS-7 Incident by the police.

Gallery pharmacistEdit

Main article: The Inherited Turnabout

Eighteen years later, Oyashiki bought Tenkai's mansion and planned to reform it into an art gallery. Scone visited her a week before the grand opening, and gave her four new salt lamps, as well as the fluorescent cloths that she had used 18 years ago. Oyashiki hired Scone to operate an infirmary in the mansion. Scone later found that a bottle of Megatoxin X that she had on her was gone, and submitted a theft report to the police.

The grand opening attracted all those still alive who had been involved in the IS-7 Incident, as well as Gregory's son, Miles Edgeworth. Kazami ended up triggering a poison gas trap and was sent to the infirmary, where he was expected to make a full recovery. During the ensuing investigation, Scone was at the fountain when the missing fluorescent cloth from 18 years prior surfaced. She was briefly accused of setting up the trap because the stolen bottle of Megatoxin X had been planted in Kazami's pocket, but she showed her theft report in order to prove that someone else had taken it. The body of Isaku Hyōdō later surfaced in the fountain, confirming what Gregory had deduced 18 years ago.

It turned out that Hyōdō's body had been frozen inside the Gemini sculpture and disguised using the missing fluorescent cloth. Oyashiki had stolen the sculptures and taken them to the mansion's freezer, not knowing until checking up on them 18 years later that the body was there. Oyashiki had dumped the Gemini sculpture into the fountain, and the body had sunk to the bottom until it thawed. Moreover, the poison gas had been set up by Oyashiki in order to get revenge on the real culprit behind the IS-7 Incident. Since Kazami had tried to check on a body that only the killer would have known about, this proved his guilt.

Hyōdō had attacked Kazami first, causing his head to hit one of the rock salt lamps, which in turn had led to Kazami killing Hyōdō with the other lamp. Kazami had rubbed the lamp with his blood on the lyre strings of the Gemini sculpture, explaining its saltiness. Kazami had originally intended to frame Scone because she had cheated, but the body had been discovered in Tenkai's room before Kazami could move it elsewhere, eventually causing Tenkai to be blamed. Despite the apparent expiry of the statute of limitations on the IS-7 Incident, extensions due to Tenkai's conviction as an accomplice and Kazami's three-year stay in Zheng Fa after the murder allowed Kazami to be finally arrested for Hyōdō's murder.


Delishscone mug


Scone has something of a child-like demeanour to match her youthful appearance; she is normally cheerful and outgoing, but can get huffy if things aren't going her way. Her actual age is something of a running joke, as she often drops hints that she is far older than she appears, but then refuses to reveal exactly what that age is. Scone is also overly familiar with other people, even those she's only just met. She likes to give nicknames to everyone she meets, normally to the other person's chagrin.


  • Her full name is a play on "delicious scone"; scones are a small British quick bread of Scottish origin.
  • Scone's name in the unofficial English fan translation patch for Gyakuten Kenji 2 is changed slightly to "Delicia Scones".


The animal design on Delicy Scones's apron is the same as that on Frank Sahwit's own apron, which he wears over his inmate uniform in The Imprisoned Turnabout.

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