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Defendant lobby
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There are at least six known defendant lobbies in the Los Angeles District Court used to house defendants and their defense teams. They are used before and after trials, as well as during recesses, to discuss the trial and to prepare the defense's case. Defendant lobbies are soundproofed to prevent people from overhearing the defense teams inside. Prosecutor's lobbies also exist but have only been mentioned once. Defendant Lobbies 1 and 2 are especially notable for being involved in two incidents, one a double murder occurring in 2012 and the other being Zak Gramarye's disappearance in 2019.

Lobbies No. 1 and No. 2Edit

Main articles: Defendant Lobby No. 1, Defendant Lobby No. 2

Phoenix Wright has used Lobbies No. 1 and No. 2 in his first six trials and his last two trials before his disbarment, more than other lobbies combined.

The following defendants used Lobby No. 1:

The following defendants used Lobby No. 2:

Double murderEdit

Main article: Turnabout Reminiscence

A woman going under the pseudonym of "Calisto Yew", who was a mole planted into the Yatagarasu working for the Cohdopian smuggling ring, hired Mack Rell to kill Deid Mann, and acted as his defense attorney when he was caught on camera. She told him that he would be acquitted if he claimed to be the Yatagarasu at first, but then pointed to the case's prosecutor, Byrne Faraday, as the real Yatagarasu during his trial. After he did so, Faraday interrogated Rell in Defendant Lobby No. 2. "Yew" came in, stabbed Faraday with the "knife" form of the Yatagarasu's Key, then had Rell play the surveillance video of his murder before shooting him and opening a window. She then left, ran into Tyrell Badd and went into Lobby No. 1 and talked, spilling her strong perfume to make Badd open the window. When the gunshot that killed Mann was played, Badd heard it, discovered the bodies, and was led to believe that the murder had happened just then, giving Yew an alibi. Nonetheless, Faraday's replacement Miles Edgeworth exposed Yew as the killer, though she escaped with the Yatagarasu's Key.


Main article: The Lost Turnabout

Shortly before Byrde's trial for the murder of Dustin Prince, Richard Wellington attacked Wright to retrieve his phone, which held evidence incriminating him. Wright subsequently suffered from amnesia, but nonetheless managed to prove Wellington to be the true killer with the help of his client.

A magician's trickEdit

Main article: Turnabout Succession

During Phoenix Wright's last trial before his disbarment, when he was found to have presented forged evidence, his client Zak Gramarye suddenly disappeared from the courtroom. He escaped into Defendant Lobby No. 1, while his daughter Trucy used her gigantic puppet Mr. Hat to lure the bailiff into Defendant Lobby No. 2, throwing him off while Zak escaped.

Lobby No. 3Edit

Lobby No. 3 has the distinction of being the only defendant lobby used by all four of Mia Fey, Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice and Athena Cykes. The following defendants used this lobby:

This lobby was also used for the civil trial between Apollo Justice and Phoenix Wright.

Lobby No. 4Edit

The following defendants used Lobby No. 4:

Lobby No. 5Edit

The following defendants used Lobby No. 5:

Lobby No. 6Edit

The following defendants used Lobby No. 6:


  • Before Turnabout Succession, the player never had the chance to examine a lobby or move away from it. This was due to all previous visits being during the trial phase of cases, as examinations can only occur during the investigation phase.
  • Zak Gramarye's trial has been the only time that the court bailiffs that normally stand in the background of the lobby have not been visible.

Gallery Edit

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