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A silver original DS.


A white DS Lite.

The Nintendo DS is a handheld video game system developed by Nintendo. Since its initial release in 2004, it has spawned massive popularity and three upgrades: The Nintendo DS Lite, released in 2006, the Nintendo DSi, released in 2008 (2009 outside of Japan), and the Nintendo DSi XL (LL in Japan), released in 2009 (2010 outside of Japan). Its successor is the Nintendo 3DS.


The Nintendo DS has two screens, one that is sensitive to touch it also has Wireless and Wi-Fi connection compatibilities, although the latter wasn't used until later games. It also has a Game Boy Advance game slot.

DS LiteEdit

The Nintendo DS Lite is very similar to its predecessor, the difference being that more colors are availible, it is smaller, lighter, and the backlight on the screens is brighter.


The Nintendo DSi is the latest upgrade to the Nintendo DS. Exterior appearances are similar to the DS Lite, although major differences are that it has a 1.3 Megapixel camera, Channels (practically cloning Nintendo's home console, the Wii), and that the GBA slot has been replaced by an SD card slot. It also has internal storage memory.

Relation to the Ace Attorney seriesEdit


The Ace Attorney remakes were released on this console in Japan, the original console of their release being the Game Boy Advance. Outside of Japan, these games were the only Ace Attorney games, since the GBA originals were only released in Japan. The other three games were released exclusively for this console.

Special edition consoles and accessoriesEdit

A special edition Blue Badger DSi was released bundled with Gyakuten Kenji in Japan.


The AAI: ME DSi case.

An Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth CSI case was available on the Capcom Store page, designed to hold a Nintendo DSi. The design includes a metal casing with the game logo on the front and with black foam padding inside with a metal lock and handle. Apparently, only 200 of these cases were made and, of those 200, only 150 were made exclusively available for sale on the Capcom Store.[1]


  • DS means "Dual Screen" as well as "Developer's System"
  • Lite means "Light", referring to the lighter weight and the brighter light of the screens
  • "i" may refer to "eye", as in the camera function, as well as how it is intended for independent gamers, in relation to the two "i"s in Wii.


Mouse over a button for a description of its functions.

Microphone. Trials/Arguments: Hold Y and yell "Objection!"/"Take that!" to present a selected piece of evidence. Hold Y and yell "Hold it!" to press a selected witness statement. Investigations: In fingerprinting mode, blow into the microphone to blow off excess powder and reveal the fingerprint.X. Equivalent to the button on the top middle of the touchscreen. i.e. Present, Spray (luminol fluid), Magatama (MASON System), BraceletY. Trials/Arguments: Hold Y and yell "Objection!"/"Take that!" to present a selected piece of evidence. Hold Y and yell "Hold it!" to press a selected witness statement. Investigations: Talk to your partner (Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth only).A. Equivalent to the button on the bottom right of the touchscreen. i.e. Check, Examine, Talk (Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth) If no such button exists, this activates the cursor's selection.B. Equivalent to the button on the bottom left of the touchscreen. i.e. Back, Stop (Magatama)Start. Brings up the save menu.L. Equivalent to the button on the top left of the touchscreen. i.e. Press, LogicR. 3D evidence viewing mode: Hold R and use the d-pad to control the camera angle. Otherwise: Equivalent to the button on the top right of the touchscreen. i.e. Court Record/Organizer, Present (cross-examinations)NDS
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  1. ACE ATTORNEY INVESTIGATIONS™: MILES EDGEWORTH CSI CASE, Capcom Store. Accessed on 2010-11-17.

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