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Cracker is the pet parrot of the minstrel Birdly. He was called upon to give testimony during Maya Fey's witch trial owing to his imitation skills and good memory.

Sound testimonyEdit

Main article: The Golden Court

Cracker was present with Birdly when they rushed inside the alchemist's house to find what appeared to be Hershel Layton turned to gold by magic. During the subsequent witch trial of Maya Fey, Cracker appeared as on the witness stand with his owner. When the trial began to hit a dead-end due to all the witnesses supposedly being confused by the after-effects of the witch's magic, Cracker was called upon as a witness by Phoenix Wright, since being an animal meant that he was unaffected. With Luke Triton acting as an interpreter, the parrot's memory and skill at impersonation allowed him to replay all the sounds that were heard as the witnesses headed to the crime scene. This allowed Wright to not only determine when the witch had cast her spell, but also that it had been Godoor rather than Goldor. With the help of this information, Wright was soon able to clear Fey's name.


  • His English name is a reference to the stereotypical phrase "Polly wants a cracker" that parrots are often depicted as saying in popular culture. In a way this ties his name to that of Polly, the parrot who testified in court in Turnabout Goodbyes.
  • "Biscotte", his name in the French localization, comes from "biscotte", meaning "rusk".
  • His German name, "Cookie", also comes from a kind of baked good.
  • "Pipas", his Spanish name, means "sunflower seeds".
  • His Italian name "Bardolino" comes from "bardo" (bard) and "mandolino" (mandolin), a reference to his owner, Birdly.


  • Cracker is likely intended to be a nod to the infamous cross-examination of Polly the parrot in Turnabout Goodbyes. When Triton suggests that Cracker testify, Wright even comments to himself that "This situation seems oddly familiar..."
  • Cracker resembles a blue-and-yellow macaw in terms of coloration, albeit with an added crest of red feathers on his head.

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