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Prison courtyard
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Prison courtyard
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The courtyard of the prison is a place for the inmates to go outside without leaving the compound. It is bordered by an electrified fence that has a door leading to the warden's office. The courtyard also contains a well, the prison's circuit breaker room, and a pond in which resides prison warden Marī Miwa's pet alligator Ally. The Berry Big Circus performs a show in the courtyard every month for the prisoners' enjoyment.

The SupplierEdit

When Ryōken Hōinbō was sentenced to prison, he threatened Miwa, telling her that he had henchmen working for him outside. In addition to gaining special privileges, Hōinbō had Miwa arrange a smuggling route for various goods that the other prisoners wanted. Each week, Miwa would have Frank Sahwit use the circuit breakers to turn off the power so that the security cameras and electrified fence would cease to function. Miwa would then drop the goods down the well, using a perfume to signal Hōinbō's dog, Kuro, to pick them up. The well had a tunnel leading to the prison cell of Shūji Orinaka, allowing Kuro to pick up the goods and bring them to Hōinbō's cell. Sahwit would later restore the power, and Miwa would correct the timestamps on the cameras.

Breaking pointEdit

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Miwa's fear of Hōinbō came to a head during one of the Berry Big Circus's visits in March 2019. The show that month was a love story involving Dali the elephant and Regent the tiger, with a villainous monkey played by one of the employees, Sōta Sarushiro. During the climax of the show, Dali would blow Sarushiro away with the power of love. To facilitate the stunt that would be needed to pull this off, Sarushiro built a pulley system over the well using weights attached to his foot via a rope. A second rope would be attached to a stopper, allowing him to remove it at the right time and send himself flying when the weights fell down the well.

Two days before the show, Manosuke Naitō was arrested and detained in the detention center's holding cell. Over the following two days, Miwa discovered that Naitō was playing correspondence chess with Hōinbō, and brought him into her office for questioning on the night before the show. During the questioning, she snapped and killed Naitō using a knife that had been confiscated from Hōinbō. Meanwhile, Sahwit cut the power as usual, though he had to move a cart of apples to do so, bringing it within Dali's reach so that she ate all of the apples.

Miwa took advantage of the smuggling route to bring the body to Hōinbō's cell and pin the murder on him, which would cause him to be transferred to a different prison. She wrapped the body in a sheet that was being stored in Workroom A so as not to leave a blood trail. She then went to the well and replaced some of the weights in Sarushiro's contraption with the body, hiding the removed weights in some grass. The body would fall and be picked up by Kuro during the show, when everyone except Hōinbō and Sahwit would be watching the show, giving Miwa an alibi. She hid the murder weapon inside Ally.

The body was discovered the next morning in Workroom A, attracting the attention of Miles Edgeworth, the prosecutor in charge of Naitō's trial, and Tateyuki Shigaraki, Naitō's defense attorney. However, the Prosecutorial Investigation Committee sent Hakari Mikagami and Yumihiko Ichiyanagi to replace him as the head of the investigation of the murder. The two arrested Sarushiro for the murder the next day, prompting Shigaraki to take his case. Shigaraki brought Edgeworth back to the prison as an assistant so that he could continue to investigate. The courtyard was opened later that day so that Regina Berry, an animal tamer for the circus, could clean up. Edgeworth was able to question her and Sahwit, who was helping with the cleanup, and investigate the courtyard somewhat before leaving to investigate the movements of Shūji Orinaka, who had not shown up for the circus show.

The courtyard was fully cleaned up the next day, but Edgeworth was able to use a metal detector and a device called Little Thief to continue to investigate the courtyard as it had been during the show and during the cleanup. Through this, he found the missing weights and was able to gather enough information to accuse Miwa of the murder. Despite the warden's efforts, Edgeworth found the murder weapon and had Miwa arrested for the murder.