Cosney Megundal
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Cosney Megundal was a well-known businessman and philanthropist living in London during Ryūnosuke Naruhodō's time in the city. He was Naruhodō's first client in England.


Crogley and Megundal

Making a deal with Crogley

Cosney Megundal worked as a loan shark. He gets all his money from interest rates of people and never returns any of it to them. Instead, he uses it for donations to give London commercial areas named after him, this made him like a celebrity. One day, he wanted to leak government secrets. So he made a deal with a telegraph technician named Robert Crogley and would give him a large sum of money to him. In order to hide a secret telegram from England to Japan, Crogley visited his father, "Thrice-Fired" Mortar Milverton, and asked him to embed the information into two separate music discs. Megundal made the first transaction with Crogley and obtained the first music disc.

Murder of Mortar MilvertonEdit

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Megundal and Lestrade

Telling Gina Lestrade what to do

Cosney Megundal met with Milverton on a cold February night in an omnibus to proceed with the second transaction. However, the transaction went awry due to Milverton wanting more money. Megundal eventually stabbed Mortar Milverton with a knife to the chest, killing him instantly. Then Megundal heard a scream from under his seat and found Gina Lestrade hiding in the compartment filled with tools trying to pickpocket people. He dragged her out and had her sit next to Milverton's corpse, with blood getting on her hands, making Oscar Fairplay and Adam Redifast witness her. After the two men left for the police, Megundal gave his black coat containing the second to Beppo bribing him into depositing it into Hatch's Pawn Shop. Then he told Lestrade not tell the police or anyone else what she had seen or heard back there. He also told her to take the deposit receipt for the coat to hold on for two months from that day. In the event that he could not do this, Lestrade would have to go to the pawn shop and extend the deposit time to prevent it from being sold off as unwanted merchandise.

Megundal was arrested for the murder of Milverton. The only defense attorney that would take his case was Japanese Ryūnosuke Naruhodō, he had to do this so he could study abroad. The prosecutor is Barok van Zieks, a prosecutor who's defendants somehow die after their acquittal of his trials. After hearing most of the trial, Megundal reveals the existence of Gina Lestrade in the carriage and said he allowed her to escape the crime scene. Lestrade suddenly sent off a smoke bomb in the courtroom allowing her to put some of Milverton's blood on the skylight and floor of the carriage while the bailiff captures Megundal. Since there was no evidence that those stains weren't there, the judge reluctantly declares Cosney Megundal not guilty despite many protests.

Megundal Death

His demise

Afterwards, Megundal pays Naruhodō a ton of money for defending him. Crogley was watching the trial and was not happy with the results one bit. So he used the money Megundal gave him for the first disc to hire people to kill him. A fake bailiff tells Megundal go to the Supreme Court to inspect the crime scene. Megundal hopes to continues his work after that and bids the group farewell. But then he was locked up in the omnibus and it was set on fire. Cosney Megundal attempted to get out but ended up dying.

His LegacyEdit

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Despite Megundal's death, Lestrade still went to the pawn shop to receive the coat and discs. But then Robert Crogley, under the alias of "Egg Benedict", also came for them as well. When Hatch Windibank gave only the coat back to Lestrade, Crogley decided to sneak in that night and steal the disc. But he accidentally shot Windibank dead during the time and Lestrade was arrested for the murder. After his crime is brought to light, Barok van Zieks tells Crogley that what he did makes him no better than Cosney Megundal.


Cosney Megundal mugshot


Cosney Megundal strived to carry the welcoming and jovial air of a selfless philanthropist and man of the people, spending vast amounts of his fortune on the preservation and restoration of many commercial areas, asking only for the newly restored areas to carry his name.

The dark reality, though, was that this was all an act meant to mask his insatiable greed and garner the undeserved trust of others. Said charity was funded by the dirty money obtained through his loan shark work. Money and fame were all he held sacred, resorting to criminal acts such as murder and treason to grow his fortune.


  • His name is a play on "kozeni megundaru" which is kozeni megundeyaru in the Kansai dialect, meaning "I'll spare you some change".


  • Character designer Kazuya Nuri struggled to work out how trustworthy or suspicious Megundal should look, since he would be Naruhodō's first foreign client. He eventually settled on a design that leaned more toward "suspicious".