Connette Rozaic
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Connette Rozaic is a French wax sculptor who recently opened a wax museum showing off her family's works at the London World's Fair, and was a witness during Elyder Meningen's murder trial.

History Edit

Connette Rozaic is a member of the Rozaic family whose doll-making technique was passed down for generations. During the french revolution, her family was famous for making a wax doll showing the moment the queen was executed via guillotine, her grandmother used the actual on her face impression right after he death. Madam Rozaic came to London three years ago, two years after her arrival she opened a freak that has been popular with the people.

Sculpting a Serial Killer Edit

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One day, Connette Rozaic went to Logate cementary and dug up the body of the dangerous serial killer, the Professor. The man was forced to hide his identity because he was Japanese, yet Rozaic took a mold of his face for the "Hall of Terror" display of her future wax museum. She also read a Daily Circus newspaper article about a grave robber named Enoch Drebber encountering the Professor rising from his grave. So she went to Drebber to take a wax mold of him for the display as well.

A Stolen Wax Figure Edit

On the day of the London World's fair, Connette Rozaic officially opened her wax museum. But suddenly, her Professor wax figure was stolen. There was a ransom in the exhibit telling her to have two hundred pounds ready in two days. She called the police but the man who came to investigate fell asleep next to a wax figure of officer John Clay, he received the superintendent general award three times last year so Rozaic made a sculpture of him. A middle-aged man tried to steal Clay's arm but Rozaic fought back for it and knocked him unconscious, people were always trying to steal her figures of wax. Sherlock Holmes also came to investigate the Professor kidnapping but he also got a job to pretend to be a wax sculpture to earn more money.

Ryūnosuke Naruhodō and Iris Watson came to the wax museum during their investigating of the death of Elyder Meningen. They mistook Holmes for an actual sculpture until Iris kicked him. Connette Rozaic then arrives who calls Holmes restless and threatens to turn him into an actual wax figure. The detective wants money but Rozaic refuses to pay him until he performs his famous deduction. He does so, but he mistook Clay for actually being here and the patrolman as a wax figure instead, he came to the wrong conclusion that she sold the Professor sculpture and it's currently at the Scotland Yard. Rozaic is furious that Holmes called her a criminal, Naruhodō manages to correct Holmes and Rozaic is impressed. She and Holmes tell Naruhodō and Iris about the Profesor killings and she leaves.

Personality Edit



Connette Rozaic is a very mysterious young woman. She calls herself Madam to make her name sound more distinguished.

Name Edit

  • Connette comes from the verb koneru (捏ねる), “to knead”. Rozaic comes from the word rōzaiku (蝋細工), which means “waxworks”.