Phoenix Wright
(Phony Phanty and Bum Rap Rhiny, huh... Nothing against the campaign, but why an elephant and a rhinoceros...?)

Bum Rap Rhiny is a blue anthropomorphic rhinoceros mascot used as part of a campaign set up to combat false accusations in the courtroom during the so-called "dark age of the law". Another mascot, a red anthropomorphic elephant called Phony Phanty, was created to raise awareness of fabricated evidence within the legal system. The two mascots are brothers.[1]


  • The mascot's Japanese name, Enzai-kun, comes from "enzai" (冤罪), which means "false accusation".
  • A "bum rap" is a term for a false accusation (particularly if it results in imprisonment), while "Rhiny" comes from "rhinoceros".


  1. Woods: Bum Rap Rhiny and Phony Phanty are brothers.
    Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies. Capcom. Episode: Turnabout Countdown (in English). 2013.

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