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Bucky Whet
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Not to be confused with Buck Wheatley
Bucky Whet
Lemme resht? Hah! Mehbee if I were a lump o' regular flour dough fer udon noodles! But I'm fresh, like my soba! 'N y'don't let soba dough resht... 'S all about the "three freshes"!
Bucky Whet is the head soba chef of "Whet Noodle", and was the defendant of one of Athena Cykes' cases.

Whet Noodle No. 4 Edit

After his father's death, Whet inherited the "Whet Noodle" from his late father, known by the name "Whet Noodle No. 3", making him "Whet Noodle No. 4". He was friends with all members of the Toneido Troupe, as well as Simon Blackquill, who was a frequent customer of his soba. Taifu Toneido, leader of the rakugo troupe, was in particular a good friend of Whet's father, and constantly pushed Whet to improve himself to assume his father's position, even holding onto the deed to Whet Soba. Not understanding Taifu's intentions, Whet assumed that Taifu sought to take over his family's soba shop and nursed a small grudge against him for it.

Accused of murderEdit

Main article: Turnabout Storyteller

On the day of Uendo Toneido's naming ceremony, Whet visited Taifu's studio at the rakugo master's request; Taifu wanted to learn how to make handmade udon noodles for Geiru Toneido as a sign for her to choose her own path in life. Thus, Whet delivered supplies to Taifu, including a set of equipment for making noodles. Whet would later make a second visit to Taifu, but by this time Taifu had been murdered. Not knowing Taifu was dead, Whet became angry at being ignored and soon stormed out in a huff. This display, along with the tampered crime scene implicating him and the existence of the deed, led to him being named as the prime suspect in Taifu's murder.

Stressed at this development and coupled with the deaths of his father and Taifu, Whet presumably drowned his sorrows in drink. This led him to be nearly late for his trial, angering Cykes further as she had been left with close to no time to prepare his defense. Whet ended up incapacitated for most of the trial due to fainting from poor constitution brought on by his drinking, only making a single appearance when he took offense at the suggestion that his noodles had been contaminated by scented hair products. He proceeded to serve everyone a sample of his soba to prove their quality before fainting again.

Whet was eventually proved innocent and thanked Cykes for not giving up on him, having completely recovered in the courthouse infirmary. Cykes explained that Taifu held onto the deed to his shop, but left it in Whet's name, proving he never wanted to take it over in the first place. Learning of Taifu's actual plan, Whet lamented the loss of his friend, but quickly bounced back after encouragement from Cykes and Blackquill, promising to become an excellent soba chef like his father before him.

Personality Edit

For most of his appearance, Whet displayed a somewhat unreliable personality. He often referred to his friends with nicknames, such as "Simey" for Blackquill and "Miz Chickadee" for Cykes, which the latter took offense to. Whet had a habit of taking to drink in times of mourning or stress, which he did to mourn the deaths of his father and Taifu, and out of worry that he would not be able to live up to his father's reputation. This led him to drink to the point of sickness, prompting him to seize up in nausea and black out when he became agitated.

Despite this, Whet proved passionate about his line of work. He often recited the guidelines of preparing soba, which he referred to as the "three freshes", as a testament to the quality of his soba, and took offense when Nahyuta Sahdmadhi suggested that he used gel to form his hairstyle, responding that strong scents would compromise the soba's quality. While unable to perceive the true intentions of people around him, Whet was willing to show remorse when he was mistaken.

Whet rides around on a skateboard for moving around when making deliveries, and demonstrated considerable skill while using it.

Name Edit

  • His Japanese given name "Susuru" (すする) is a verb meaning "to slurp" and his surname "Uchitate" (打ち立て) means "freshly kneaded." Both of these refer to noodles (the sound made while eating them and the fact that one kneads dough to make noodles) and his job as a soba shop worker.
  • His English name comes from "buck wheat," which is what's used to make soba.
  • In the Western version, the name embroidered on his right lapel is 上戸 (Ueto), a transcription of the name "Whet". 上戸 (read as jougo) means "someone who drinks heavily".
  • His title, "Whet Noodle No. 4," sounds similar to Wet Noodle, the noodle stand the boat caretaker thought he was running in Turnabout Goodbyes.

Development Edit

  • In the localized version of the game, Whet would be underage and his drinking would've been illegal, as the drinking age in the United States is 21. However, in Japan 20 is the legal drinking age.
  • In the Turnabout Storyteller case art, the back of Whet's jacket remains in Japanese, despite other areas of the art being translated.
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