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Buck Montana is a member of Sparkle Land's publicity team, where he plays the role of HumongoStar (one of the park's mascots) during the SparkleStar Show. He was a witness in the trial of Julie Henson for the murder of Flip Chambers.


  • His Japanese surname "Futagoyama" means "twin mountains" and is a reference to his size.[1]
  • "Hōsaku", his Japanese given name, is used to refer to a plentiful or bumper crop. It is often paired with "binbō" as "hōsaku binbō" (plentiful poverty) to indicate a crop that is so abundant that it becomes worthless. This may be a reference to his size and/or his debt.[1]
  • "Buck" is a slang term in various countries that use dollars as currency and is meant to be a reference to Montana's debt.[1]
  • "Montana" comes from "montaña", the Spanish word for mountain.[1]

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