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Borumosu is a fictional giant bovine kaiju created by Global Studios for some of its films. A franchise soon developed that included various toys and action figures, and the monster's popularity persisted for over 12 years. Apparently a bovine monster was chosen because "cattle are animals closest to humans".

A new filmEdit

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The old Borumosu design.


Promotional poster for the new "The Great Monster Borumosu vs. Gourdy" film.

After a gap of over 12 years since the last Borumosu film, Global Studios decided to bring back the character via a new film titled: "The Great Monster Borumosu vs. Gourdy". The film would be a sequel to the original 2007 Borumosu movie and feature it battling against the Gourd Lake monster "Gourdy". The new film would also show Borumosu destroying a city, which would be symbolic of the power of nature, while the original film was about "the relationship between humans and nature".

To make the theme work in the modern era, the film-makers of the 2019 remake chose a considerably darker design for the character. The movie starred Shimon Aizawa as a young boy who can communicate telepathically with Borumosu by drinking fresh milk, while Will Powers would be in the Borumosu costume. Global Studios poured a considerable amount of money into the production of the new film.

The filming location chosen was near the Big Tower skyscraper. However, filming was cut short by an unexpected murder at the location. The body of Zheng Fa president Teikun Ō was found within what appeared to be a Borumosu's footprint, having been allegedly crushed with a large Borumosu prop. Luckily for the studio, all the press coverage due to the president's death led to the movie becoming a great financial success.


  • "Borumosu" apparently comes from the Japanese for "hormone"; Borumosu (ボルモス) = horumon (ホルモン).[1]
  • Its name in the unofficial English fan patch for Gyakuten Kenji 2 is "Moozilla", which is a portmanteau of the vocalizations of a cow ("moo") and the name of the well-known kaiju "Godzilla".


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