Bonny de Famme
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Bonny de Famme
Yeah, my trick is turning some heads in the magic world right now. They're calling it "new, miraculous magic." Some even say it's the real deal! Hee hee!

Bonny de Famme is a magician known for her teleportation magic trick. She is a fan of the young magician Trucy Wright, alongside whom she appeared in the magic show "Trucy in Gramarye-Land" at Penrose Theater.

A reluctant accompliceEdit

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Bonny on the stage

On stage during the magic show.

The secret behind Bonny de Famme's teleportation magic trick was the existence of her twin sister, Betty, which allowed her to give the appearance of being in two places at once. Bonny greatly admired Trucy Wright for her impressive skill at magic tricks despite her young age. However, despite said admiration, she found herself pressured into assisting Betty and Mr. Reus in playing a prank orchestrated by the producer Roger Retinz to scare Wright on live television during the dress rehearsal of "Trucy in Gramarye-Land". Unfortunately, Reus was subsequently found dead, with Wright being accused of his murder.

During Wright's subsequent trial, Bonny was bullied into letting Betty masquerade as her in order to protect the secret behind their teleportation trick, but was allowed to watch from the gallery. After Betty's exposure and seeing Wright's performance under pressure, Bonny decided to stand up for herself and revealed unauthorized footage given to her by a fan, which proved vital to the case.

In the aftermath of the trial, Bonny and Betty came to have trouble finding work, as their best known trick relied on Betty's existence remaining a secret. Although Bonny proposed that they take Wright up on her offer of joining the Wright Anything Agency as magicians, Betty was violently opposed to the idea.




Somewhat clumsy and lacking in confident, Bonny would frequently be pushed around by her much more aggressive twin sister. She is a big fan of Trucy Wright's magic and often talks about her impressive talent.

However, since she desperately wishes to be liked, she could be easily talked into doing unethical things. Roger Retinz took advantage of this when he convinced Betty to help him sabotage Wright's debut magic show in return for a lucrative contract.


  • Her Japanese given name, "Mimi" (耳), means "ears". When combined with her sister's given name, they form the word "Kikimimi" (聞き耳), meaning "ears poised for listening".
  • When the kanji "na" (菜) and "no" (野) in her surname "Nanano" (菜々野) are removed and reversed, they become "yasai" (野菜), which means "vegetables"; this may be a reference to carrots, which are stereotypically eaten by rabbits.
  • Her English given name, "Bonny", is a play on "bunny", referencing her stage costume's rabbit motif.
  • Her English surname, "de Famme", may be a play on "defame", in reference to the plot against Trucy Wright.



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