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Bonny de Famme
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Bonny de Famme
Yeah, my trick is turning some heads in the magic world right now. They're calling it "new, miraculous magic." Some even say it's the real deal! Hee hee!

Bonny de Famme is a magician known for the teleportation trick she performs with her twin sister Betty de Famme. She is a fan of the magician Trucy Wright, alongside whom she appeared in the magic show "Trucy in Gramarye-Land."

A reluctant accompliceEdit

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Bonny on the stage

On stage during the magic show.

Bonny, alongside her sister Betty and Manov Mistree, played a part in a prank orchestrated by the producer Roger Retinz to scare Trucy Wright on live television during the dress rehearsal of "Trucy in Gramarye-Land." Despite Bonny's admiration for Wright, she was pressured into taking part in the plot, something she deeply regretted even before it was revealed it was actually preparation to frame Wright for the murder of Mistree.

During Wright's subsequent trial for the murder, Bonny was bullied into letting Betty masquerade as her to protect the secret behind the de Fammes' teleportation trick, but kept watch from the gallery. After Betty's exposure and seeing Wright's performance under pressure, Bonny decided to stand up for herself and revealed the unauthorized footage given to her by a fan, which proved vital to the case. In the aftermath of the trial, Bonny and Betty came to have trouble finding work, as their best known trick relied on Betty's existence remaining a secret and they now found themselves unable to do it. Bonny then proposed that they take Wright up on her offer of joining the Wright Anything Agency as magicians, earning her her sister's anger.




Bonny is somewhat clumsy and underconfident, and would frequently be pushed around by her much more aggressive twin sister. She is a big fan of Trucy Wright's magic and often talks about Wright's impressive talent (ironically, her sister saw her talent in much the same way, which is why she regarded Wright as such a threat to the de Fammes' careers). She and her sister would oftentimes do a teleportation switch trick, and are quite well-known for it.

Because of her desperation to be liked, however, she could be easily talked into doing unethical things, something Roger Retinz took advantage of when he convinced Betty to help him sabotage Wright's debut magic show in return for a lucrative contract.



  • "Kikimimi"" (聞き耳) means "ears poised for listening." "Mimi" (耳) means "ears."
  • Flipping the kanji "na" (菜) and "no" (野) around, they become "yasai" (野菜), meaning "vegetable."
  • Her English given name, "Bonny", is a reference to her bunny motif as seen in her headband and umbrella.
  • Her English last name, "de Famme", may be a pun on "defame", which she, her sister, and Roger Retinz planned to do to Trucy (although Bonny was far more reluctant about it). It could also be a pun on family, referencing her sister, Betty de Famme.


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