• Jasper the Quartz Gem

    Is Ace Attorney Dual Destinies availible on 3ds cartridge instead of downloading it? I like alot of my games bought via cartridge is all, and thus i would like to know if it can be

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  • Joshuakrasinski

    Okay, I came up with a crossover between Ace Attorney and The Amazing World of Gumball. If you are interested, tell me.

    What do you think the plot should be?

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  • Joshuakrasinski

    crossover game idea

    January 20, 2017 by Joshuakrasinski

    my crossover for Ace Attorney x Dc Comics in this game Phoenix and the Dc comics heroes must solve

    a case mainlly superman batman and wonder woman so yeah tell me what you think

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  • Quetzalcoatl07

    Hey, guys!

    I'm the admin of the german Ace Attorney Wiki (Link: and I'm looking for german-speaking users who would help to develope that Wiki. There is really much to do and we've got many stub articles.

    I'm really looking forward for contributors!

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  • Speedo3539

    I am currently typing the transcript for The Foreign Turnabout, and it got me thinking. There's one thing about The Foreign Turnabout that's different from every other case: the Divination Séance. I don't think I can make the transcript version of the Séance like Cross-Examinations. How should I do it?

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  • Whitehorse24

    Hello guys it's time to vote. Who is the absolute most villainous villain in the whole series? Another question that might help you vote is: who had the most satisying breakdown.

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  • Swagm8

    My favorite is Farewell my turnabout

    my least favorite is The lost turnabout

    what's yours? am curious of your thoughts

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  • Linkle Fey

    First Day as a Member!

    September 20, 2016 by Linkle Fey

    Hey, everybody! So, I just joined this site! Hello! I'm Linkle Fey, but you can just call me Tippi, if you want. 

    I'm so proud to be here on the Ace Attorney wiki! I can't wait to meet you all, and I'm sure I'll have a grand time! Hopefully, I'll be able to help everyone out here with your articles, too!! 

    Leave me a message anytime, and let's talk!!! ^-^ 

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  • PotatoPlayer

    July 6, 7:03 PM

    Motor Sport Arena

    South Bleachers

    Phoenix: (I need to find Angelina!) (Where is she?)

    Phoenix: (Wait...The stage! She has to be at the stage!)

    July 6, 7:04 PM

    Motor Sport Arena


    Phoenix: (I don't see her...Maybe she got shot???)

    ???: You there! This is a crime scene!

    Phoenix: (Who's that?)

    ???: This is a direct order, from Fredrick Algent.

    Phoenix: (Fredrick Algent?)

    Algent: Hey, kid. Get out of here! This is murder scene.

    Phoenix: Murder?!

    Algent: Yeah. Murder. Vic's name is Angelina Cruz. Shot square in the forehead. Died instantly.

    Phoenix: Cruz died?

    Algent: What, you know her?

    Phoenix: Uh, yes. My name is Phoenix Wright. I was her lawyer in LA back in October. She invited me her as a guest.

    Algent: Guest? I don't believe it. Unless y…

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  • Speedo3539


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  • Aeliren

    After the last fan translation I made, I decided to continue on with Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth and its sequel.

    • Raymond "Ray" Shields
      • René Boqulet ("René" - Comes from the first name of the French dub voice actor for Perry Mason. "Boqulet" - Warped version of "bouclier", which means "shield".)
    • Sebastian Debeste
      • Sébastien Lemieux ("Lemieux" - Translation of "the best"; Though it should be said that the proper way to say that a person is the best in French is "Le meilleur".)

    Turnabout Visitor: Visiteur du Volte-face

    • Jacques Portsman
      • Athel Portif ("Athlète Sportif", a play on "sportive athlete".)
    • Buddy Faith
      • Fidrel Porthos ("Fidrel" - Warped version of "fidel", meaning "loyal" or to have faith in someone. "Porthos" - Reference to the Three …

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  • Aeliren

    Since Dual Destinies didn't come out in French, I decided to give my take on how the characters and cases could be named in a French localization. It's not a full list, as I won't be changing some names, though I may add more eventually.

    • Simon Blackquill:
      • Simon Plumenoire (litt. "Simon Blackquill".)
      • Tristan Lapointe ("Tristan" - "Triste" meaning "sad". "Lapointe" - Refers to the "tip" of his "sword".)
    • Bobby Fulbright:
      • Floic Éclaire ("Floic" - Both a warped version of Loic and a play on "flic", which is a French nickname for the police. "Éclaire" - Refers to his "bright"ness.)
      • Bertrand Poulin ("Bertrand" - Derived from the German word for "Bright". "Poulin" - Derived from the word "poulet", which translates to "chicken" and is apparently a French nickn…

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  • PotatoPlayer

    Are you ready, Motor City?!

    Because today is the day you've been waiting for!

    Yes, you're right! Its the Motor City Cup!

    • steel samurai theme starts playing*





    GET SET...


    • theme stops playing*



    Stop the race! Stop the race!

    He....he's been shot! He's been shot!

    July 6, 7:39 AM Detroit National Airport Gate 16

    Phoenix: *Yawn* What a long trip!

    Phoenix: To think that my client from last year would invite me to see an All-Star state broadcast race in the car capital of the world?!

    ???: Hey! You're finally here!

    Phoenix: !

    Phoenix: That voice!                       

    ???: Why are you acting so stiff? Come on, its me, Angelina Cruz!

    Phoenix: Oh! Cruz!

    Cruz: Its been a while, huh?

    Phoenix: Its been 9 mont…

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  • Speedo3539


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  • PotatoPlayer

    Episode 1: The Famous Turnabout

    ???: Huff....puff......

    ???: You see! You see what you did?!

    ???: No.... you don't understand.....

    ???: Don't understand?? Damn you, don't you see! You killed him! You stabbed him and now he's dead!

    ???: Huh? I didn't do that.....

    ???: That's it, I'm calling the police! See you in jail, Angelina Cruz!

    October 29, 9:36 AM District Court Defendant Lobby No.2

    Phoenix: Brrrr.... it's really cold out there!

    Phoenix: Yet, I'm not sneezing. Strange.

    ???: Um.. are you the lawyer? What was it.... Phonix Left?

    Phoenix: Hey! It's Phoenix Wright, defense attorney! Oh.. wait. You're the defendant, aren't you?

    ???: *Gulp* Yes...

    Phoenix: Poop.

    Phoenix: My name is Phoenix Wright.

    Phoenix: If you haven't notice, I'm a defense attorney.   


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  • Speedo3539


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  • Bluebully

    Check this out.

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  • Bluj

    Phoenix Wright on Wii

    January 5, 2016 by Bluj

    I have the first two Phoenix Wright games on Wii (download only).

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  • Snoxo

    Kept you waiting, huh?

    January 3, 2016 by Snoxo

    *Click*  *Chk*

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  • 123fendas

    Hey there.

    October 3, 2015 by 123fendas

    Hey there. 

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  • FieldMagician


    I'm currently in the project of having Dai Gyakuten Saiban (The Great Ace Attorney) fansubbed.

    I already posess a complete gameplay

    What I am looking for now, is someone who could translate it so we can have an english Gameplay since the game will most likely be released in a long time or maybe not even localized

    so if you are willing to help, please tell me

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  • Mkenz

    Welcome to my Blog!

    February 3, 2015 by Mkenz

    Mkenz here! This is my sorta first blog. It's my first on this wikia, but i've done some already on the FNaF wiki. Anyway, I'm a fan of solving video game mysteries, so if you have an idea, I'll make a fourm post! I think I might start with seeing if we can figure out what Phantom actually looks like, but Ideas in the comments, please! Bye!

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  • Jimi56

    Help! could someone give me a step by step on how to successfully translate AAI2( Ace Attorney Investigations 2) what do I need to download? Do I need to download every patch or not, and how do I use the use the beat and xdelta apps to do this? Would someone help me, please?!

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  • Jimi56

    Just some sprites

    August 7, 2014 by Jimi56
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  • Snoxo

    A comeback

    July 29, 2014 by Snoxo

    Well, last time i went here in February.And a week ago i found out that User:Sligneris asked me to do sprites for [[Yumihiko Ichiyanagi]].So, for the last 2 days i've been working on it and did new sprites for him.

    And, as a bonus i also made GK2 sprites for Regina Berry.

    Since i'm back i'll continue to do more GK2 sprites.The only problem is that i am feeling kinda sick so these sprites won't come really soon.

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  • RyuunosukeNaruhodo

    im sorry

    June 20, 2014 by RyuunosukeNaruhodo

    i m sorry

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  • Agent Unknown

    Seriously, look at this

    Could this be proof that the most famous hedgehog is coming to Ace Attorney?

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  • Otherside86

    Hello. I just want to share an idea I've been having.

    There should be a Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney live-action TV series. Of course, they may want to modify a some things to make it adequate to real life.

    How cool would that be?

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  • TheTruth44

    Alright we all know Shelly de Killer. But the only thing is his last name, de Killer. Why is his last name de Killer? It's like "The Killer". But I wonder why?

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  • Snoxo

    More GK2 sprites

    February 9, 2014 by Snoxo

    Today i've added sprites for young Tateyuki Shigaraki , Shimon Aizawa , amnesiac Kay Faraday , Tyrell Badd and GK2 sprites of Will Powers , Lotta Hart , Penny Nichols , Shelly de Killer and Larry Butz

    It's been quite of work but here they are.

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  • Snoxo

    Continuing with the sprites

    February 6, 2014 by Snoxo

    Today i've added the sprites for Hakari Mikagami , Mikiko Hayami and Sōta Sarushiro

    I guess i'll go for young Tateyuki now.

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  • Snoxo


    February 5, 2014 by Snoxo

    I added sprites for Tsukasa Oyashiki,Gregory Edgeworth and Tateyuki Shigaraki

    There were no sprites for them for about 3 years, so i though of it as my duty to add them.

    I'll add more in future!

    Yours, Snoxo.

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  • Strabo412


    December 3, 2013 by Strabo412

    I'm back baby! Mwahahahahaha!

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  • Manpuku

    Poor Dick...

    September 21, 2013 by Manpuku

    Dick works really hard, and he is one of my favorite characters in the game. I think he should get a raise.

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  • Strabo412


    July 24, 2013 by Strabo412

    With the release of Gyakuten Saiban 5 in Japan today, I am will be completely avoiding the Ace Attorney wiki until I have completed the English localisation of the game (whenever that's released). Good luck, and try not to break anything while I'm away... ^_^ - Strabo412 (talk) 17:19, July 24, 2013 (UTC)

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  • FieldMagician


    At the beginning of Trials and Tribulations, we can see Phoenix wearing a shirt with a P on it. I know it stands for Phoenix, but that's only in the western version I suppose, since in Japan he is called Naruhodo

    So does somebody know what this P means?

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  • Thzman2143

    What title says.

    also, i have it because i am japanese.

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  • Thzman2143


    August 15, 2012 by Thzman2143

    The title is acronym of "Gyakuten Kenji in Joypolis".

    I have some infomations about it, but i only have most of infomation in case 1 (there is 3 cases) and partial infomation in case 2. i don't know anything about case 3.

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  • Mayedgeworthlove

    hello everyone!

    August 4, 2012 by Mayedgeworthlove

    .-. meep

    hi! i'm may edgeworth... i have an idea! it's like a tumblr blog... ASK MILES EDGEWORTH!!!!!! k just post questions.

    don't be sucha party pooper, miles.

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  • EmaSkyFan

    Game 5

    January 29, 2012 by EmaSkyFan

    Did anyone hear about the 5th game for Ace Attorney? I've seen a lot of things about it on Facebook, but I don't really know anything about it. If anyone knows anything about the new game please tell me because I'm really excited about something I know practically nothing about. Thanks :)

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  • PhoenixEdgeworth
    Hi guys i am making ideas for future phoenix wright games

    GAME 1 Phoenix Wright: Law Games

    6 thrilling cases for you to play

    Brings back old characters

    Adds New Characters

    Has Defence and Prostecution Mode

    GAME 2: Miles Edgeworth: Gifted Prostecuter.

    You Play as Miles

    All old characters

    Your the prostecuter

    lol so thats it!

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  • Quercus Alba

    If there is a theme for him when i please wanna know!!!! If some of you know that send me message on this wiki :)! I have know all of the others theme but Daryan I have no idea! So please send me message!!

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  • Quercus Alba

    If there is a theme for Daryan Crescend when i please wanna know!!!! If some of you know that send me message on this wiki :)! I have know all of the others theme but Daryan I have no idea! So please send me message!!

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  • Wrightfront

    The Proffessor Layotn and Luke pages are fine because they will be staring the crossover however why the hell are there pages about Flora Reinhold and the like?

    This is an Ace Attorney Wiki! Keep stuff that is unrelated out! I call for a deletion on the Flora page.

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  • Draph91

    why do all the cases (excluding rise from the ashes) have turnabout in their names? i'm just curious

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  • Psduckie

    I finished the first trial phase and started the second investigation phase! I apologize for the lack of updates, but, as I said in my last update, I haven't had much time for Ace Attorney lately. I'm just glad I got time to play at all!

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  • Psduckie

    I finished the first investigation phase of Turnabout Samurai and am partway into the first trial phase. Unfortunately, my schedule hasn't given me much time for Ace Attorney. I am hoping for some time to finish the trial phase in the forseeable future, and I am also hoping that Justice for All will be released on iPhone (the platform I play on) soon.

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  • Psduckie

    As you may already know from reading my userpage, I am replaying the Ace Attorney games. I just finished Turnabout Sisters today. Mia Fey's killer has been caught, and Miles Edgeworth has been dealt his first defeat in court.

    I am going to start playing Turnabout Samurai tomorrow.

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  • Capefeather

    UPDATE 2: The GoNintendo report is apparently mistranslated:

    So Takumi considered the series finished for him at Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, but obviously others have extended the series for him with Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth and possibly further titles as have been mentioned in the past. Nonetheless, with so much fan acclaim for the series, he is considering being involved in the series again. capefeather 13:57, July 19, 2010 (UTC)

    UPDATE: To clarify, this does not necessarily mean that the series is dead, just that Takumi probably won't be a major contributor anymore. Past interviews with other staff have indicated that another Ace Attorney Investigations game and a Gyakuten Saiban 5 are being at least considered for developme…

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  • Capefeather

    Matt Engarde wins the FA nominee poll with 55.61% of the vote. The result is again a majority, and there are a few possible reasons for this. For one thing, the results are displayed prior to voting, which may result in a bias toward the article that is "winning". I don't know of any way to hide the results; it would have been interesting to see how this affected the vote. For another thing, case articles and gameplay articles seem to tend to do poorly in these polls, with the votes heavily favouring character articles, with more major characters taking prominence. This is why I don't really expect to see anything upset a certain option on the next FA poll... Regardless, Matt Engarde does deserve the title, though I can't help but feel tha…

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