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Betty de Famme
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Betty de Famme
I hate her. I LOATHE her! I can't stand that Trucy Wright! Just because she's a little good at magic, she thinks she's all that!

Betty de Famme is the twin sister of Bonny de Famme. She was a witness in the murder of Manov Mistree.

Defamation plotEdit

Main article: The Magical Turnabout

When Betty's twin sister, Bonny, and the magician Manov Mistree – better known by his stage name, "The Great Mr. Reus" – were chosen to appear as Trucy Wright's co-stars in the magic show "Trucy in Gramarye-Land", the show's producer, Roger Retinz, asked them to participate in a prank on Wright during the show's dress rehearsal at the Penrose Theater. Due to her jealousy of Wright, Betty quickly agreed to help with the prank and roped her reluctant sister, who was a huge fan of Wright's, into it.

The plan was to have Wright make a fool of herself on live television by having Mistree fall out of a coffin that Wright would stab with a rubber sword during the show, after which he would pretend to be dead. Bonny was to remain on the stage and prevent Wright from getting hurt during the prank, while Betty would hide in the understage area and use a remote control to activate the winch suspending a dragon set piece over the stage, causing the set piece to fall down. Mistree was connected to the same wire as the dragon set piece; once Wright went into a panic over his apparent death, he would "come back to life" and fly up into the air, causing everyone to have a laugh at Wright's expense.

Although the prank initially worked as planned, things quickly went wrong when Mistree somehow turned up dead afterwards, having been killed by a stab wound to the back. Because Wright's sword trick involved replacing a sharp steel sword with the fake rubber one before stabbing it into the coffin, it appeared to everyone watching as if she had failed to switch the swords and actually stabbed Mistree to death inside the coffin. Additionally, since Bonny and Retinz had alibis and Betty's existence was unknown to those not directly involved with the show, Wright was regarded as the only possible suspect and arrested for the crime. During the police's investigation, Betty, convinced that Wright had committed murder, conspired with Retinz to go to any lengths necessary to have her found guilty in court; Retinz promised to use his position as a produced for Take-2 TV to have Wright tried in the court of public opinion, while Betty was to pose as her twin sister in court and testify against Wright.


Betty and Bonny at the witness stand.

During Wright's trial the following day, the defense attorney, Apollo Justice, proposed that Mistree had actually been killed in the understage area and his body had been placed in the coffin from below afterwards. Once Betty, in her guise as Bonny, was called to testify, Justice found several holes in her testimony which indicated that she had been in the understage area during the show, proving that there were two Bonnys – as the real one had been on stage – and blowing the twins' cover. After Betty revealed her existence and admitted to being in the understage area, Justice tried to accuse her of the murder, as she was the only one besides Wright who lacked an alibi. However, Prosecutor Nahyuta Sahdmadhi then had the twins admit to participating in the defamation plot against Wright, and Betty presented a video which proved Mistree had been in on the prank, disproving Justice's theory that the murder had been committed in the understage area and throwing suspicion onto Wright again. In the subsequent recess, Bonny went to the defendant lobby to try and talk to Justice, but Betty followed her sister and interrupted their conversation, taking Bonny away.

When court resumed, however, Bonny stood up to her sister, saying she could no longer remain quiet, and testified in Wright's defense by presenting a video of the magic show filmed by a fan of hers. This new evidence allowed Justice to open up the possibility of a third party stabbing Mistree to death at some point after the dragon set piece fell, and this prolonged the trial enough for Retinz to take the stand to testify about the prank. Justice accused Retinz of the murder and was able to prove his guilt once and for all by showing that he had fabricated an alibi for himself by committing the murder remotely via a sword planted in the stage's catwalk, which had fatally stabbed Mistree when he was pulled upwards after Betty dropped the dragon set piece.

After Wright was acquitted and Retinz arrested for the crime, Betty, horrified that Retinz had made her an unknowing accomplice to murder, blamed herself for Mistree's death, but Wright assured her that neither she nor Bonny were at fault. Even knowing now that Wright was innocent, Betty claimed that she still hated her, and angrily dragged her sister out of the defendant lobby when Bonny let slip that Betty had once been as big a fan of Wright's as her, even having asked her for an autograph that she still had to that day. In the aftermath of the trial, Bonny and Betty came to have trouble finding work, as their best known trick relied on Betty's existence remaining a secret and they now found themselves unable to do it. Bonny then proposed that they take Wright up on her offer of joining the Wright Anything Agency as magicians.


Betty de Famme
If you mess this up, you're gonna really be sorry. You hear me? I'll crush you flat. Like a cockroach under my foot!
Roger Retinz
Oh, you KYOOT widdle thing! You're so adoorwable when you're thwowing a fit!


Betty is very rude and aggressive. She often bullies and pushes around her sister, and is extremely short-tempered, to the point where she is incapable of maintaining her disguise as her sister when frustrated. She also has a difficult time apologizing no matter how much she realizes she is at fault, getting Bonny to speak for her when making amends. While (or perhaps because) she genuinely respects her as a magician, she is extremely jealous of Wright, feeling she and her sister are unappreciated by the public and blocked from fame and success, even agreeing to what she thought was a prank by Roger Retinz to humiliate her on stage.

Despite all this, however, Betty is not a particularly vicious person at heart and felt ashamed when she realized that Wright had been framed and she had been an unknowing accomplice to Mistree's murder.


  • "Kikimimi" (聞き耳) means "ears poised for listening."
  • Her English given name, "Betty", is a reference to her bat motif as seen in her headband and umbrella.
  • Her English surname, "de Famme", may be a pun on the word 'defame', as she is involved in the attempt to defame Trucy Wright.


  • When not pretending to be her sister, Betty generally has more alert and fierce expressions than Bonny, and when taunting the court, her eyes glow yellow as her face becomes partially shadowed. Like her sister, she regularly performs magic tricks when talking with people, but the animals she releases from her hat are purple and black bats with fur that resembles her suit.
  • Betty shares a number of similarities to Dahlia Hawthorne. Both characters appear to be sweet, innocent girls at first, before showing their true colors (although Betty is simply tempestuous and angry rather than murderous). Both carry a distinctive parasol. They also both have a twin sister, who they pose as in court in order to give a misleading testimony.
  • Betty, along with her sister, Bonny, are the first and currently only pair to both testify at the same time in the main series. Multiple witnesses testifying was previously done in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Naruhodō Ryūnosuke no Bōken.

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