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Beh'leeb Inmee
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Beh'leeb Inmee
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Saara Aatam portrait
Occupation Revolutionary
Names in other languages
Japanese (romanization written with the given name first) サーラ・アータム (Saara Aatamu)
サーラさん (Saara-san) (by Ryuuichi Naruhodou (Phoenix Wright))
サーラどの (Saara-dono) (by Dattsu Dinigeru (Datz Are'bal))
Biological information
(this is for age comparison purposes, and so may look odd; click on the question mark for details)? 1997
(as recorded in court record profiles and case files) 31 (age at debut)
Status (last known) Alive
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Height (from official guidebooks) 5'2"; 160 cm
Family Tahrust Inmee (husband; deceased)
Faitah Inmee (newborn child)
Friends Judge (Khura'in)
Affiliates Khura'in (homeland)
Datz Are'bal (fellow revolutionary)
Rheel Neh'mu (deceased)
Maya Fey
Debut episode The Rite of Turnabout
Leitmotif "Reminiscence ~ Farewell, Once Again"

Beh'leeb Inmee is the widow of Tahrust Inmee, a Khura'inese priest who was found dead during Maya Fey's final training rite in 2028.

The Revolutionary couple Edit

Beh'leeb and Tahrust Inmee were members of the revolution that was brewing within Khura'in, and prior to his death, she became pregnant with their child.

Some time later, they took in Rheel Neh'mu, who went under the name Puhray Zeh'lot. He was tasked by the government to kill or help in arresting revolutionaries, but he did not know then that the Inmees were revolutionaries.


The secret hideout.

Beh'leeb was preparing a secret hideout for Datz Are'bal, when Neh'mu followed her. While escaping, she knocked over a large stone magatama in self-defense, pushing him into the bird statue and thus killing him. She was noticeably shaken up about his death.

A grieving widowEdit

Main article: The Rite of Turnabout and Turnabout Revolution

Unbeknownst to her, Tahrust committed suicide and arranged the crime scene to remove any suspicion from her.


Beh'leeb breaking down in court.

She would carry around a large, framed photo of him, and would talk to it, acting as if she heard his voice when replying back. She would often bring it to her face, and switch out the picture and pretend to be Tahrust. After her husband's true cause of death was revealed, she chose to confess, realizing that Maya would be falsely convicted and she was already unable to deny the allegations brought against her. She then explain Nem'hu's real identity, and exorcised her husband, grateful for the closure. Unknown to the guards, Are'bal and Dhurke Sahdmadhi were watching the trial, and as soon as they could attacked the courthouse to free her. Before she left, she threw off her veil, and used her lipstick to draw the sigil of the Defiant Dragons on her forehead, confirming her commitment to the cause to Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey. She then escaped from the courtroom with Are'bal.

Beh'leeb leading the people into revolution.

She would continue her work with the revolutionaries, reaching out to anyone who felt like the government's laws have affected them wrongly. Continuing what her husband started, she led a march of rebellious civilians to fight against the corrupt government's army.

After Dhurke's trial, she had her child, Faitah, and was smiling happily. No serious repercussions seemed to have been given to her for her killing in self-defense of Neh'mu.

Personality Edit

It is difficult to say what Beh'leeb is like normally, as most interactions with her take place after she is heavily traumatised by discovering her friend was a ruthless assassin, being forced to kill him, and her husband's death in short order. She came off as broken by the recent events in her life, and unable to emotionally deal with her husband's death (as shown by her habit of talking to his portrait). It is apparent she has an extremely strong sense of right and wrong and is not taken in by the peer pressure of her culture, being able to recognize the importance of defense attorneys to a functioning society despite the tragedy of Amara Sigatar Khura'in, and willing to accept a murder and treason charge plus likely execution to protect the name of her husband and Maya. She is also highly competent when it comes to the physical side of the rebellion, being able to figure out a plan of escape with Are'bal shortly after her confession, despite being in full view and custody of the court's guards and being able to lead a revolutionary army despite being pregnant.

Name Edit

  • Her Japanese given name comes from "sarasara"(さらさら), which means "flowy" or "silky," referencing her silky hair. Her name contrasts her husband, Malmel, whose name means "to make bald."
  • Her Japanese surname comes from atama (頭), meaning "head."
  • Her name in the western localization is a play on "believe in me."
  • Her child's name is a play on "faith in me." Alternatively, it can also be played on "fighter in me", due to his parents' history as members of the Defiant Dragons.

Notes Edit

  • Beh'leeb is the only culprit in the main series not to take part in the court proceedings (i.e. witness, prosecution, defendant, etc.). She only intervenes after suspicion is placed on her, and willingly admits to killing Neh'mu.
  • Beh'leeb is the second culprit to appear in a game's end credits, the first being Robert Crogley.
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