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Beh'leeb Inmee
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Beh'leeb Inmee
Look dear, the royal priestess has come to visit us. Yes... Mm-hm. ...What's that? ...Oh, of course... hee hee.
Phoenix Wright
(Sh-She's talking with his funeral picture!)

Beh'leeb Inmee is the widow of Abbot Tahrust Inmee, the high priest of the Kingdom of Khura'in. She was questioned by Phoenix Wright following the death of her husband during the Purification Rite.

The revolutionary coupleEdit

Beh'leeb and Tahrust Inmee were secretly members of the Defiant Dragons, a rebel group that opposed the Defense Culpability Act and the regime of Queen Ga'ran Sigatar Khura'in. At some point in 2026, they took in an acolyte named Puhray Zeh'lot.

A grieving widowEdit

Main article: The Rite of Turnabout

With Zeh'lot, Tahrust, and Fey during the Feast of Blessings.

Two years after the Inmees took in Zeh'lot, Beh'leeb, who was pregnant at the time, went to the rebel hideout during the Feast of Blessings to prepare it for fellow rebel Datz Are'bal, who was set to escape from prison. Unbeknownst to Beh'leeb, Zeh'lot followed her to the hideout. Upon realizing that she was a member of the Defiant Dragons, he announced that he was a member of Minister Inga Karkhuul Khura'in's secret police tasked with killing rebels, which he claimed to be able to do with impunity. When Zeh'lot lunged at her, Beh'leeb retaliated by pushing a large stone slab toward him, which caused him to be fatally impaled by the warbaa'd statue at the hideout's entrance. Not having intended to kill Zeh'lot, Beh'leeb was noticeably shaken by his death.

The following day, her husband Tahrust was found dead at the Inner Sanctum after the Purification Rite, in which their acquaintance Maya Fey had played the part of Lady Kee'ra. Fey was arrested for the murder, and her friend Phoenix Wright visited the Inmees' residence with Princess Rayfa Padma Khura'in to question Beh'leeb about Tahrust's death. Wright and Rayfa later accompanied Beh'leeb to Ga'ran Palace, where the Prayer of Lament was conducted by the queen in Tahrust's memory. Although Wright did his best to defend Fey in court the next day, she was found guilty of Tahrust's murder, with Wright being sentenced to death along with her in accordance with the Defense Culpability Act. It was then that Zeh'lot's body was found in the Plaza of Devotion and Fey was charged with his murder as well.

During Fey's subsequent trial for the second murder, Wright, suspecting Tahrust to be the culprit behind Zeh'lot's murder, asked Fey to channel his spirit so that he could be questioned about his actions during the Feast of Blessings. Wright slowly pieced together the truth behind Beh'leeb's involvement in Zeh'lot's death, and it was revealed that Tahrust's death had been a suicide. Unbeknownst to his wife, he had moved Zeh'lot's body to the Plaza of Devotion to move suspicion away from her. Because of the Defense Culpability Act, he had felt there was no other way to protect his wife than to take his own life and frame Fey as a serial killer.

Beh'leeb Magatama

Exorcising Tahrust's spirit from Fey's body.

After her husband's true cause of death was revealed, Beh'leeb chose to confess, realizing that Fey would be falsely convicted otherwise and she was already unable to deny the allegations brought against her. Tahrust apologized for having to leave her, but promised that he would always watch over her, and she likewise promised to always think of him for as long as she lived. She then exorcised her husband's spirit from Fey's body with a Magatama of Parting and bid farewell to him as tears streamed down her face.

Unbeknownst to the guards, Are'bal and Dhurke Sahdmadhi had been watching the trial, and, as soon as they could, attacked the courthouse to help Beh'leeb escape. Before she left, she went to the accused lobby to apologize to Fey and Wright for all the trouble she had caused them. She threw off her widow's veil and used her lipstick to draw the sigil of the Defiant Dragons on her forehead, saying she would continue what her husband had started by ensuring that no one else had to die because of the Defense Culpability Act. She then escaped from the courthouse with Are'bal and Sahdmadhi.

Tahrust's legacyEdit

Main article: Turnabout Revolution

Beh'leeb leading the people into revolution.

Beh'leeb would go on to continue her work with the revolutionaries, reaching out to anyone who felt like the government's laws had affected them wrongly. When Sahdmadhi was arrested of the murder of Justice Minister Inga, she led a march of rebellious civilians to protest against Queen Ga'ran's regime and the Defense Culpability Act.

After Sahdmadhi's trial, Beh'leeb gave birth to her child, Faitah Inmee, and was seen smiling happily. No serious repercussions seemed to have been given to her for her killing of Zeh'lot in self-defense.




It is difficult to say what Beh'leeb is like normally, as most interactions with her take place after she is heavily traumatised by discovering her friend was a ruthless assassin, being forced to kill him, and losing her husband in short order. She was often seen carrying Tahrust's funeral picture and talking to it, acting as if she could hear his voice replying, or holding it up in front of her face and pretending to be him.

It is apparent she has a strong sense of right and wrong and is not taken in by the peer pressure of her culture, being able to recognize the importance of defense attorneys to a functioning society despite the tragedy of Amara Sigatar Khura'in, and willing to accept a murder and treason charge as well as probable execution to protect Fey and Wright from a false conviction. She is also highly competent when it comes to the physical side of the rebellion, being able to figure out a plan of escape with Are'bal shortly after her confession, despite being in full view and custody of the court's guards and being able to lead a revolutionary army despite being pregnant.

Beh'leeb is also a big fan of The Plumed Punisher: Warrior of Neo Twilight Realm and previously owned a very rare Plumed Punisher strap which played the show's theme song, which she eventually gave to Fey.


  • Her Japanese given name comes from "sarasara" (さらさら), which means "flowy" or "silky," referencing her silky hair. Her name contrasts her husband, whose name means "to make bald."
  • Her Japanese surname comes from "atama" (頭), meaning "head."
  • Her name in the western localization is a play on "believe in me."


  • Beh'leeb is the only culprit in the main series not to take part in the court proceedings (i.e. as a witness, prosecutor, defendant, etc.). She only intervenes after suspicion is placed on her, and willingly admits to killing Zeh'lot.
  • Beh'leeb is the second culprit to appear in a game's end credits, the first being Robert Crogley.

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