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Audience room
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Audience Room
People to meet Storyteller
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The audience room is where the Storyteller meets with those he wishes to speak with. Aside from the Storyteller himself, normally only High Inquisitor Darklaw is allowed inside this room.

The Storyteller's SummoningEdit

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After arriving at Labyrinthia's court the day after the trial, a knight goes up to Professor Layton and announces that he has been summoned by the Storyteller. He then says that Layton and Luke must go to the Audience Room

Professor Layton takes his announcement in full swing and takes Luke with him to see the Storyteller, only to find out that the Audience Room's door is locked. Upon solving a simple puzzle, the door opens and Layton and Luke gain access. Inside, they meet the mysterious Storyteller, who tells them that they have no place in his stories.

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