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Armie Buff
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Armie Buff
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Occupation Student
Names in other languages
Japanese (romanization written with the given name first) 佐奈樹 ヒルネリア (Hilneria Sanagi)
サナギ軍曹 (Sanagi Gunsou) (name of helicopter)
Biological information
(this is for age comparison purposes, and so may look odd; click on the question mark for details)? 2016
(as recorded in court record profiles and case files) 12 (age at debut)
Status (last known) Alive
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde
Height (from official guidebooks) 4'11"; 150 cm
Family Archie Buff (father; deceased)
An unnamed mother (deceased)
Friends None mentioned
Affiliates None mentioned
Debut episode Turnabout Revolution
Leitmotif "Strange People" (as Sergeant Buff)

Armie Buff is the daughter of Archie Buff and was a witness in one of Apollo Justice's cases. A shut-in terrified of the outside world after the extremely traumatic death of her mother, she initially spoke through a remote-controlled helicopter called Sergeant Buff, giving her the voice of a young man in his 20s.

Her mother's deathEdit

Before moving to Kurain Village, Armie and her family used to live in an apartment in the city. One day, however, their apartment was set ablaze in an act of arson, leaving Armie and her ex-military mother trapped inside. In desperation, Armie's mother broke down a window, grabbed her daughter and leapt out of the apartment, which resulted in her death. Armie suffered damage to her legs, confining her to a wheelchair, but otherwise remained physically unharmed.

The traumatic experience left Armie with a deathly fear of fire, collapsing upon seeing, hearing about or smelling fire (as was discovered by Athena during a "therapy" session), and the outside world in general. Archie would move to a new house in Kurain Village in an attempt to help her overcome her fears, even resigning from his old job in order to do so, but Armie would spend her days shut in her bedroom, eventually creating a modified drone she called "Sergeant Buff" to perform any tasks she needed to do. Although she recovered from her injuries only a few months after the attack, Armie continued to fake her disability knowing that she would be homeschooled instead.

Her father's deathEdit

Main article: Turnabout Revolution

On the day of her father's death, Armie overheard Archie arguing with Datz Are'bal, which ended with Are'bal being evicted from the house as seen by Armie through Sergeant Buff. Armie kept watch from her room as Archie continued investigating the Founder's Orb; having figured out the relic's secret, Archie set the Orb on fire to reveal the figure of the Holy Mother inside. Seeing this, Armie's pyrophobia was triggered and she fell unconscious. Later, while milling on the corridor outside her room, she felt a stranger grasp her wheelchair and move it; scared, she fled back to her room.

The death of Armie's father worsened her paranoia even further, to the point where she refused to greet Justice in person, keeping as much of her identity as secret as possible (claiming her isolation was "siege defense"). She initially sent out Sergeant Buff to harass Justice and Dhurke Sahdmadhi, viewing them as intruders, but after Justice opened up about his own past, she opened up slightly and become somewhat more friendly.

Armie was later summoned for the civil trial involving the Founder's Orb, having been summoned as a witness. Although she relented to being in the courtroom, she insisted on staying in the lobby and speaking through Sergeant Buff instead. She initially turned on Justice, believing him to be defending the man who killed her father, and proved extremely reluctant to remember the events of the night, even once stealing Widget to stop a Mood Matrix session in its tracks, then the Judge's gavel when he ordered her to continue. This causing a minor firefight to break out while said items were pried from the drone. Athena Cykes was able to help her regain the confidence she lost after her mother's death, and she made a public appearance by taking to the witness stand, surprising everyone present with her true age and gender.

As it turned out, her testimony proved critical in the the case being both ruled in the defense's favor and Paul Atishon being charged with Archie's murder, as he had been the stranger who moved her wheelchair and left his fingerprints on it. Following the trial, Armie admitted the truth behind her "disability" and, for the first time in months, stood up on her own two feet.

Afterwards, Armie received an invitation from the university Archie used to work at to participate in an archaeological dig. She hoped to find a find an ancient ruin to name in her father's honor, and hoped for an opportunity to visit Justice in Khura'in.

Personality Edit

Owing to her age, Armie has a rather childlike personality, referring to her parents as "mama" and "papa" respectively. As a result of her trauma, she became intentionally withdrawn and espoused a philosophy of self-protection, although she admitted to feeling remorse about her father's sacrifice and sadness about his death. In her "Sergeant Buff" persona, Armie demonstrated many traits and mannerisms of a typical drill sergeant, referring to people by rank and situations with various tactical terms. Armie possessed some degree of technical skill and somewhat childish, violent tendencies, outfitting her drone with both surveillance capabilities and functioning weaponry, the latter which she had a tendency to use when angered. She was also extremely proud of the Russian half of her heritage, invoking a dislike of capitalism when insulting people as Sgt. Buff (an obvious reference to the USSR), though it is unknown if she actually possesses an opinion on communism versus capitalism in any way.


  • Her Japanese surname, Sanagi (蛹), means "pupa." This could be referencing her shut-in nature at first, but soon transforming into someone who can go out and take care of herself.
  • Her English given name comes from "army," referencing her camouflage-style (much like an army uniform) pajamas and helmet. Like her father, her last name is a reference to a "buff" a hobbyist expert in a certain matter, which is a reference to her expertise in building Sergeant Buff and her obsession with war-like behaviour.

Reference to pop cultureEdit

  • Armie's mother could be reference to Irina Spalko from Indiana Jones. Both women were in the Russian military and both died from a fire related incident (Armie's mother jumped out of their blazing apartment while Irina disintegrated after her eyes were burned out).
  • Armie could be reference to Cassie Drake from Uncharted. Both are daughter to a treasure hunter/thief (Armie to her father, Archie while Cassie to her father, Nathan).

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