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Archie Buff
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Archie Buff was an archaeologist and a victim in one of Apollo Justice's cases. He used to be a university professor of archaeology, and he would travel the world, stealing artifacts without care of their owners, returning them to their rightful place afterwards.

Study of Kurain and Khura'inese artifacts Edit

Prior to moving to Kurain Village, his wife was killed in an arson on their home, and his daughter injured. After his wife's death, he moved to Kurain with his shut-in and pyrophobic daughter, Armie Buff. During his time there, Archie received a number of artifacts of Kurain and Khura'inese origin from Paul Atishon, a local politician running for assemblyman of the village. During his time there, he found a cave where he would store the Founder's Orb, Khura'inese sacred treasure, but was found by Pearl Fey, whom promised him she would not tell.

Death Edit

Main article: Turnabout Revolution

Archie then learned that the Founder's Orb was stolen, and thus refused to return it to either Atishon or Datz Are'bal, as he was scared that the Defiant Dragons would harm him. During a meeting with Are'bal, they argued and Are'bal left, leaving behind a heavy suitcase. Later on, Atishon returned to retrieve the Founder's Orb, and, to do so, he pushed Are'bal's suitcase down to the first floor, killing Buff, and then proceeded to make his death look like an accident by burying his body in a pile of books.

Name Edit

  • His Japanese surname, "Sanagi" (蛹), means "pupa."
  • The characters for "Fumiaki" can also be read as "bunmei" (文明), meaning "civilization," which is something he and his daughter are away from.
  • His English given name comes from "archaeologist," referencing his occupation. "Buff" is a term for a person who has an interest in a particular area of knowledge, meaning his name may also be short for "archaeology buff".

References to pop culture Edit

  • His occupation could be reference the character, Indiana Jones who also has the same occupation.
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