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Apollo Justice
............It's fine, Mr. Wright... Even a bluff would suit me just fine... As long as you can... ...clear up this doubt inside me!
Apollo Justice AA6

Apollo Justice.

Apollo Justice ~ I'm Fine! is a music track from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice when talking to Apollo Justice during investigations. It also plays when Justice makes statements that show his character development, such as when he explains why he was accusing Athena Cykes during Turnabout for Tomorrow, when he confronts Trucy Wright in the detention center in The Magical Turnabout, and when he announces his decision to stay in the Kingdom of Khura'in in Turnabout Revolution.

The theme itself is a jazz remix of his objection theme Apollo Justice ~ A New Chapter of Trials! mostly played by a solo piano. The track is number 36 on the first disk of the Gyakuten Saiban 5 Original Soundtrack.

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