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Alita Tiala
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Alita Tiala
You're my only hope. Please, help my Wocky-Pocky...

Alita Tiala was a witness to the murder of Pal Meraktis and the fiancée of said case's defendant.


Alita Tiala was once a nurse under Dr. Pal Meraktis. One day, Meraktis was given the task of removing a bullet from Wocky Kitaki, but he could not. Meraktis and Tiala both agreed not to tell the Kitaki family about the failure. They told the family the operation had been successful, while locking the real report inside a safe in Meraktis's office. Tiala later proposed to Wocky in order to gain all of his inheritance the moment he died from the wound.

Murder of MeraktisEdit

Main article: Turnabout Corner
Alita vs Pal

Confronting Dr. Meraktis.

Pal vs Alita

Being strangled.

Alita the shooter

Just before shooting Meraktis from inside the noodle cart.

Six months later a health checkup ordered by Winfred Kitaki revealed that the bullet was still in Wocky's chest. Enraged, Wocky took a pistol from the family stash and was ready to give Meraktis "a taste of his own medicine." However, Tiala managed to get the gun away from Wocky and went to see Meraktis herself. Tiala threatened Meraktis with the pistol, telling him to open his office safe and give her Wocky's medical report so that she could dispose of it. She knew that if the Kitakis saw the report with her name on it, the engagement would be off.

Meraktis opened the safe, but then suddenly turned on Tiala and tackled her. She managed to get a shot off, but it missed and impacted the inside of the safe. Meraktis then strangled her with the cord from a lamp on his desk, causing her to black out. When she awoke, she was in Guy Eldoon's noodle cart. She heard Wocky and Meraktis talking, and realized that Meraktis was about to reveal that she was in on the plot. She quickly grabbed the pistol that was in the cart with her and shot Meraktis in the head, silencing him permanently.

Tiala then heard running, followed by silence. Leaving the pistol in the cart, she got out and made her escape, throwing the clinic slippers she was wearing into the trashcan after stepping in a mess of paint caused by a car accident by a panicked Meraktis. When she heard that Wocky was arrested for Meraktis's murder, she went and hired rookie attorney Apollo Justice, believing that he would fail miserably and get Wocky convicted.

Second attempt and witness testimonyEdit

Tiala later broke into the Meraktis Clinic again to try to get the medical report from the safe. However, Justice and Trucy Wright heard her, and broke into the office, forcing Tiala to flee once again. She then offered herself as a witness in a last-ditch attempt to use her testimony to get Wocky convicted. This failed, however, as Justice ensured that she was exposed as the real killer and even the prosecutor took his side.


Alita Tiala
...Wocky. Wake up and smell reality! [...] The signature on the chart, the engagement... I mean, come on! It's so obvious. Even for a brainless, spoiled brat such as yourself.
Alita Tiala's mugshot


Tiala was a selfish and arrogant woman who used her petite and serene appearance to make herself seem innocent. Her true personality was revealed when she was forced into a corner.


  • The Japanese name, when written surname first ("Namina Minami"), consists of two syllables repeated three times. The staff apparently had a hard time remembering her name and often mistook it as "Nami Minami".
  • "Minami" (美波) means "south" in Japanese, with the kanji meaning "beauty" and "wave". Wocky Kitaki's Japanese name, "Kitaki Takita" (北木滝太), consists of "kita" meaning "north", linking the two characters.
  • "Alita Tiala" is probably meant to mirror the repetitive nature of her Japanese name; "Tiala" is an anagram of "Alita".
  • "Alita" means "little wing" in Spanish, which may refer to the wings on her dress.
  • Wocky often calls Tiala his "fallen angel". While "fallen angel" can refer to an angel who rebelled against God and was exiled from heaven in Jewish and Christian theology, it can also refer to an attractive woman who has become deprived of money or morals or, alternatively, a type of high-yield debt. All three meanings could arguably apply to Tiala, since she is an unpleasant woman who puts on an angelic demeanour in order to gain access to the Kitaki family's wealth.


  • Tiala is the only character person perceived by Justice to have two different nervous tics.

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