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Phoenix Wright:
Ace Attorney
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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney:
Justice For All
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney:
Trials and Tribulations
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Ace Attorney
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Gyakuten Saiban 5

Ace Attorney Investigations

Ace Attorney Investigations:
Miles Edgeworth
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Gyakuten Kenji 2

Other Games

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Gyakuten Puzzle
Irekaeru Gyakuten
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Ultimate Marvel vs.
Capcom 3
Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright
Layton-kyōju VS
Gyakuten Saiban


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About Ace Attorney

Ace Attorney (called Gyakuten Saiban (meaning "Turnabout Trial") and Gyakuten Kenji (meaning "Turnabout Prosecutor") in Japan) is a meta-series of primarily text-adventure video games created by Shu Takumi and published by Capcom for the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS handheld systems, with ports for Microsoft Windows, WiiWare and iOS. These games follow various lawyers in their battles in the courtroom and their investigations of crime scenes. The first four games, which were originally released between 2001 and 2007 in Japan, comprise the "Gyakuten Saiban" (meaning "Turnabout Trial") series, and follow defense attorneys Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice as they give their all to defend their clients in a courtroom setting resembling that of the Japanese legal system, using investigative skills, cross-examinations and evidence. The next two games, the first released in 2009 and the second (to date in Japan only) in 2011, are part of an ongoing interquel series, Gyakuten Kenji, and follow prosecutor Miles Edgeworth as he investigates various crime scenes to find the truth behind the crimes using evidence collection, logic and arguments with other people.(more...)

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Jake Full OA

Jake Marshall was a cowboy-obsessed patrol officer with the Los Angeles Police Department when Bruce Goodman was murdered. He often makes references to the state of Texas, even though he is actually from Los Angeles. Jake Marshall acted as a mentor to Dick Gumshoe when he started out in the force, giving him a cactus plant that he claimed would "listen to all his problems".

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Hey, guess what. Actually, I, um, really hate your guts. So get lost. Because, well, I'm not cooperating.
Phoenix Wright
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