This is the main page for the Ace Attorney Wiki's manual of style. Some of the rules are briefly outlined here, but other pages contain details on more involved subject matter.

General styleEdit

Please try to employ accurate and consistent spelling and grammar. In addition, the names of games and episodes should be italicized, and the full name of the game or episode should be given and linked to the article concerning the game or episode if it has not been already.


All articles must be categorized.

Categorizing articles is extremely important. In fact, categorizing is the first thing you should think about when making a new article. Being in categories is a very easy way to get readers to find the article you worked so hard (or perhaps not so hard) on. If an article is not categorized, it becomes very difficult to notice and find, especially if the article is on a less prominent subject like Cody Hackins. In this case, the article may never be improved or appreciated.

Ideally, each article should be categorized into "Category:[game in which the subject appears]" as well as any other category that is relevant to the article. Character articles should always be put directly into Category:Characters as well as any character subsets that exist.


Speculation may come from a few sources.

Speculations may be conclusions derived from non-canon assumptions. The Ace Attorney Wiki is not the place to record or discuss non-canon conclusions. There is no reason for the game developers to recognize any such conclusions as true.

Speculations may also be conclusions derived from canon factoids that are in dispute. For example, plot conflicts between two or more Ace Attorney products would be cause for a disputed fact. These conflicts should be recorded and given context in the out-of-universe sections of articles. If possible, in-universe sections should make general statements that give no preference to the disputed options.

Arguably, the largest sources of speculation are unknown factors. The Ace Attorney developers cannot account for every single question that could possibly come up in the universe they have created. For example, many characters and organizations have large "gaps" in their histories because information is often given in a minimalistic "need-to-know" basis.

Articles should not note where the out-of-universe knowledge is lacking. This is to avoid judging which "unknowns" are more important, and to make a more coherent article-writing strategy. As a general rule, invest time and energy into recording everything known, and invest none into noting the things that are not known. Another way of looking at it is that concentrating on the things known saves time and energy since there are fewer of them.


Please see the Help:Images page for information.


It isn't necessary to link an article more than once per paragraph.

Helpful TemplatesEdit


  • Flags a page as needing some sort of improvement. See the template for usage details.

See alsoEdit

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